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Accounts, Usernames, Avatars & Signatures

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- Every user is allowed to have only one account. Any violation of the forum rules will be punished. We decide, depending on the incident, what type of punishment is given!
- We don't give refunds on Premium VIP packages. All sales are final, so review it carefully before purchasing it. All scripts in this section are working normally because they are tested before being uploaded.
- If you decide you want to downgrade after purchasing a Premium VIP package, please send a PM to the Administrator. We will downgrade without refund.
- Do not send a PM to the Admin or Staff Members if you have problem with any scripts on this forum, please fill out a Support Ticket using the Support link.

- User names and avatars can't be used if in anyway they might be understood as offensive, racist or violate.
- User names referring to domains are not allowed.
- Avatars / profile photos of pornographic or sexual nature will be removed. Repeated violations will result in account suspension.

- Signatures cannot contain lewd materials. If you become inactive or if you are banned, your signature will be removed. - We will also remove signatures that are not in the spirit of our community guidelines (and you may have action taken against you for that).
- Pictures are permitted within signatures but keep in mind that large images, or images that cause forum lag will be removed. We don't want your signature to hinder the browsing experience of others. Obviously, pictures must comply with our community guidelines.
- Please refrain from using excessive multi-colored text, flash graphics, or otherwise obnoxious graphics in your signatures. These are annoying and distracting.
- In addition, please refrain from using excessive special characters and emoticons in your signatures. Again, these are very distracting.
- Finally, do not increase the text size to make your forum signature "stand out". The standard text size is absolutely fine. Let's keep the text in signatures somewhat uniform, as crazy varieties just make the forum look sloppy and distracting. Recommended image size is 200px or less.

** DroidRebels reserves the right to delete, move or edit any content that does not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author. **
Not open for further replies.