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Definition of Spam

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- Among spam too short, repetitive, unfounded (meaningless) and off topic/ question to the most suitable answers.
- Repetitions of already existing answers, unnecessary thanks, empty phrases without justification/ proof, review announcements and general "Bullshit".
- Thx / thank you (you use the like button for that... or elaborate on your 'thank you' post in a couple sentences like why it excites you so much for the benefit of other members - hitting the like button is faster and easier)
- That's what I've been looking for (so did other members, they found the like button)
- Cool (and why? take time for a sentence or two and this statement just passes the spam rules)
- Update (is basically a request, which belongs in the request forum)
- Upload new version (is basically a request, which belongs in the request forum)
- Works fine (we expect that usually, you are always asked to post the opposite - not working - with description of the problem encountered)
- There is a newer version/ Last version is... (generally ppl are aware of it, most members try to keep extensions updated to the best of their abilities.)
- Virus free (expected and therefore a meaningless post. The opposite - virus found - should be posted, together with virus/ malware detected, giving the modder a chance to check things out. Also in some rare cases this might be a 'false positive' caused by cracks.

** DroidRebels reserves the right to delete, move or edit any content that does not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author. **
Not open for further replies.