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eBook Release Rules

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Hello and thank you for wanting to share your eBooks with us. Before you post an eBook please make sure you've followed the rules to avoid any possible ban or warnings.

1. Use site search before posting! Duplicate threads will be deleted.

2. If you're releasing a single eBook, don't pack/archive it into zip or rar formats, but instead upload it in raw format. i.e. PDF, EPUB, AZW, PRC, BBeB, OPDS & PDB.

3. No publicly available Project Gutenberg books to earn RebelBucks Cash. Meaning, no charging for eBooks freely available on the net.

4. Cost to unlock eBooks should not exceed 30RB Cash, unless for exceptional and exclusive rare book, where you can raise the price, only to prevent leeching, specifying the reason you did so.

5. Complete ALL fields on the release form and make sure to specify the official source of the eBook in the "eBook Link" field.

6. Try to write the description using your own words, it will also help your thread to gain higher visibility on Search Engines, but if you really can't and you prefer to copy and paste, at least make sure to remove all external links afterwards.

7. Scan the file and make sure it's safe! You'll need to specify a Virustotal link to the file you uploaded, when releasing an eBook, to protect our community from threats.

8. Complete series should be posted as one, not multiple threads, unless they're made of less than 10 eBooks. This means, if you want to share a collection of more than 10 eBooks, you can either list each single download link individually or pack them all into .zip format (for example) in the same thread, while if the collection is made of less than 10 eBooks, you can decide to share each eBook individually (one per thread) or pack the entire collection in a single thread.

9. After you submit your release, it will be held for review by moderators. Please do not attempt to post same thread twice, it's being reviewed so after being approved it'll be publicly available. After 20 verified submissions, you'll have the chance to join the eBook Releaser's group.

10. All other forum rules still adhere to this section. i.e Make an Introduction post and have a profile picture before making requests.

Rules are subject to change at any given time. Failure to follow stated rules will earn you warning points. Two warnings will mean a one week ban, further warnings will result in a perma ban. In order to avoid confusion, each time a rule will be updated, it will be specified below. Any infringements related to a rule update will be void if they will be proven to be happened before the rule update.
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