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Posting Rules

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- Before posting anywhere in the forum you must first introduce yourself and upload a profile pic/avatar. We're a community and we want to get to know you.
- You must have 5 "INDIVIDUAL" posts to see download links. (Duplicate threads or posts will be deleted, combined or locked.
- Make sure your contribution makes sense and fits to the topic. (Explain your opinion).
- Any kind of spam is prohibited.
- Requests are only to be made in the Request area. Any requests made in other areas including but not limited to, Helpdesk, General Discussion or Chat will be removed and can result in a warning if persistent.
- Please use the quote function meaningful. Quote only the parts to which your contribution relates (No full quotes of long texts).

*Definition of Spam*
- Unfounded (meaningless) and off topic posts.
- Repetitions of already existing answers, unnecessary thanks, empty phrases without justification/proof and general "Bullshit". Thx / thank you, Good, Cool, That's what I've been looking for, Update, Upload new version, Works fine, Or small talk that doesn't fit to the topic.
- You must have at least 15 approved posts before making any sort of request.
- Copy / pasting the same message in topics or creating several pointless spam topics in an effort to fraudulently increase your post count or for any other reason is prohibited.

- Threads can not contain a referral link or they will be instantly deleted (a warning will be given to the user as well). This counts for monetization links and/or URL shorteners as well.
- Create your topic in the matching forum. Avoid creating several threads for the same topic in different sections.
- Describe your request as accurately as possible. See also see the instructions that are stickied in some areas for additional rules.
- Choose a descriptive and meaningful title. Topic titles such as 'Help', 'Error', or 'Not Working' are not allowed and will be removed.
- When posting a lengthy amount of code, don't just wrap it in Code tags, wrap the code and the Code tags in Spoiler tags. This prevents having to scroll endlessly to move past the code when viewing a topic.
- If you are criticizing or providing feedback of a more negative nature, please back up all of your points. Don't simply reply with 'I hate it.' Back yourself up with the specific reasons why and what could be done to improve it. This will get you much further and members are much more receptive to this type of constructive feedback.
- Speaking of controversial subjects: You are allowed to post these sort of things in the General and Off-Topic sections of the forum. However, it is not recommended as you may lose your respect in the community if you have a different opinion on it. These topics tend to cause wars and are generally a pain, so they should be avoided.

You may only bump your topic once every week (7) days.
- Do not bump topics older than 4 weeks. The exception to this rule is: Support topics. Occasionally a support may go unanswered and it is appropriate to bump it according to the above rule.
- If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it; do not create a duplicate topic.

** DroidRebels reserves the right to delete, move or edit any content that does not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author. **
Not open for further replies.